A win for our Section 74 Reference Applications

By | 2021-03-18

Six of the nine from our group are involved in a section 74 reference application in Ontario. This is separate from our federal case (and funding for the Federal Case is not used for the section 74 reference).

The section 74 reference application pertains to the Registrar of Firearms “registration nullification” letter which we received in 2020. The application for a Firearms Act section 74 reference is the legally-prescribed means for licensed gun owners to have a judge review the revocation of registration certificates, in provincial court. Over 100 of these applications have been made by affected gun owners across Canada.

The AGC has been trying to obstruct these applications by:

  • arguing that the Registrar made no decision to revoke the registration, but that the OIC automatically “nullified” the certificates,
  • attempting to block the reference on procedural/jurisdictional grounds.

On March 16 an important decision came out in Ontario, dismissing the government’s attempt to block the reference on procedural/jurisdictional grounds.

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