Injunction Court Documents

Our Documents pertaining to the injunction are on the archive

3. Interim Injunction Application (January 18, 2021)

From here, sub-folders contain

  • Cross-Examination transcripts (of the Crown’s expert witnesses);
  • Attorney General’s Responding affidavits;
  • Applicant’s Motion Record (i.e. documents we have filed).

The Motion Record in connection with the January 18, 2021 injunction hearing contains everything we have filed, in one large pdf document (over 1500 pages).

A good introduction to the case that is not difficult for the layperson is the Memorandum of Argument. This contains our group’s legal argument for why we believe the Court should grant the injunction. It is contained within the pdf :

Applicant’s Motion Record -> Motion Record (T-677-20).pdf

It may be necessary to extract (unzip) this file in order to view it. The Memorandum of Argument is at Tab 18 or starting on page 923.

The Motion Record of the Attorney General of Canada can be downloaded from the following link: (it is a 1400 page PDF, 64Mb)

The government’s written arguments in response to our injunction application is The Memorandum of Fact and Law of the Attorney General of Canada (Injunction Motion), starting on p. 1270.