Ontario Section 74 Hearing: End of first day

By | 2021-07-12

The first day of the first Ontario Section 74 reference hearing under Justice J. Chaffe went smoothly. AGC lawyers first cross-examined our team’s expert witness Mr. Travis Bader.

In the afternoon three of the six Section 74 applicants were cross-examined by the AGC. Many of the AGC’s questions were devoted to identifying the firearms listed on the Registrar Letters received by the applicants and matching them to the models listed in the Registry. Judge Chaffe proposed before adjourning that these correlations could be managed off-line before the next session, to which both counsel agreed.

The AGC has objected to Mr. Bader being considered as an expert witness by the Court. Judge Chaffe said he will rule on whether the Court will consider him as an expert witness, which would mean that his testimony is given added weight. This ruling may only be announced at the end of the case together with the final decision.

Judge Chaffe remarked that it was one of the most highly-attended Zoom court sessions over which he has presided, and commended the good behavior of the attendees.

The hearing is scheduled to continue the week of September 27, 2021.