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Fight the Gun Ban!

This web-site is the official information hub for our Federal Court case: Doherty et al vs AGC et al. (file number T-677-20), challenging the Canadian government’s ban on thousands of hunting and sporting firearms. We hope that anyone interested in firearms in Canada, and in particular, anyone affected by the May 1, 2020 gun ban,… Read More »

R.I.P. Dennis Young

Dennis Young, a champion for the rights of Canadian gun owners, passed away on Friday. For many years, Mr. Young worked tirelessly for truth and justice by gathering and publishing firearms-related information (on DennisRYoung.ca). His numerous Access to Information requests uncovered many facts that the federal government hoped to hide from the public. Mr. Young’s… Read More »

Watch the injunction hearing on Jan. 18

The hearing for the injunction is scheduled for Monday January 18 and will be via zoom. This is a public hearing, and anyone interested in watching should request access by writing, at least two business days in advance (i.e. today!) to this email: HEARINGS-AUDIENCES@fct-cf.ca Your request should specify that you want to observe the hearing… Read More »

Motion Record of the AGC

This 1400-page, 64MB pdf contains cross-examination transcripts of CCFR expert witnesses, and the written arguments of the Attorney General of Canada. Here is the link to the document: https://ln2.sync.com/dl/c918377b0/4fugkjj5-y8ecqkcu-pmjg5s4j-kkfxsiaz The link is also at the bottom of our Injunction Court Documents page.

A note on the OLA GoFundMe

Update (Dec 1, 2020): the OLA GoFundMe donor history has been restored. We had found out that a system upgrade adversely affected the displayed OLA GoFundMe page. GoFundMe made a change to their system that caused the displayed donation history to be reset. The good news is that no donations actually went missing, and new… Read More »

News item from Yukon

See our MEDIA page for news from Yukon where the Department of Environment wants its conservation officers to have AR10’s for bear control.