Monthly Archives: January 2021

R.I.P. Dennis Young

Dennis Young, a champion for the rights of Canadian gun owners, passed away on Friday. For many years, Mr. Young worked tirelessly for truth and justice by gathering and publishing firearms-related information (on His numerous Access to Information requests uncovered many facts that the federal government hoped to hide from the public. Mr. Young’s… Read More »

Watch the injunction hearing on Jan. 18

The hearing for the injunction is scheduled for Monday January 18 and will be via zoom. This is a public hearing, and anyone interested in watching should request access by writing, at least two business days in advance (i.e. today!) to this email: Your request should specify that you want to observe the hearing… Read More »

Motion Record of the AGC

This 1400-page, 64MB pdf contains cross-examination transcripts of CCFR expert witnesses, and the written arguments of the Attorney General of Canada. Here is the link to the document: The link is also at the bottom of our Injunction Court Documents page.