Monthly Archives: November 2020

About our funding

Our case is different from those of the other groups (such as the CCFR), as our goal is to advance an argument on behalf of the average hunter/sport shooter (as opposed to a firearms business and/or organizations). While we did this voluntarily, we simply do not have the same financial resources as some of the… Read More »

Fight the Gun Ban!

This web-site is the official information hub for our Federal Court case: Doherty et al vs AGC et al. (file number T-677-20), challenging the Canadian government’s ban on thousands of hunting and sporting firearms. We hope that anyone interested in firearms in Canada, and in particular, anyone affected by the May 1, 2020 gun ban,… Read More »

News item from Yukon

See our MEDIA page for news from Yukon where the Department of Environment wants its conservation officers to have AR10’s for bear control.