About Us

We are nine licensed Canadian gun owners who have mounted a legal challenge in Federal Court against the gun bans announced by the Canadian government by Order-In-Council on May 1, 2020. We live in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

We call our group “The Public Interest Litigants”.  None of us have any potential financial gain from the case. The public interest that our case serves is that our legal victory will benefit all Canadian gun owners.

Some individual background information on each of us, from the filed application:

Mike Doherty

  • resident of Ontario
  • professional civil engineer
  • licensed firearms owner for over 25 years
  • hunter, competitive sport shooter

Nils Ek

  • resident of Quebec
  • retired research meteorologist (Environment Canada)
  • firearms owner for more than 35 years
  • hunter, competitive sport shooter

Richard Delve

  • resident of Ontario
  • retired from Canadian Armed Forces (served in Persian Gulf, Bosnia)
  • firearms owner for over 35 years
  • hunter, competitive sport shooter

Chris Bruhn

  • resident of Alberta
  • retired manager, agriculture equipment manufacturer
  • firearms owner for many years
  • hunter, competitive sport shooter

Phil McBride

  • resident of Ontario
  • self-employed IT specialist
  • director, Radio Amateurs of Canada
  • training officer for Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System
  • sport shooter since 2019

Lindsay Jamieson

  • resident of Ontario
  • derivatives trader
  • licensed firearms owner since 2016
  • hunter and sport shooter

David Mayhew

  • resident of British Columbia
  • operations manager, electrical contracting company
  • uses firearms at work for protection against predators
  • hunter and sport shooter

Mark Nichol

  • resident of Ontario
  • professional engineer
  • Canadian Armed Forces Reservist
  • coached Kingston police 2015 competitive shooting team
  • hunter and competitive sport shooter since the 1980’s

Peter Minuk

  • resident of Ontario
  • financial analyst
  • licensed firearms owner since 2012
  • hunter and competitive sport shooter

There are 5 other groups that have also mounted legal challenges in Federal Court. Each case has its own characteristic interests and arguments that make it unique. There is common ground between the groups and occasional references to the other cases will be made. We are not intending to document those cases in any detail.